Purim- Send Mishloach Manot to Community Members

Please Note: Fill in the shipping address for technical reasons. However, Mishloach Manot is NOT being shipped. It will be available for pick up for everyone by the Party on Thursday. (Except upon individual request.)

We've hard at work getting ready for Purim and here is information about our Commmunity Mishloach Manot Service. 

Support the Marina Shul and at the same time send a beautifully packaged Mishloach Manot to fellow community members!

Simply click on the button below to be led to the form of who you would like to send Mishloach Manot to, and they will receive their personal Mishloach Manot at our Purim Feast on Thursday March 21 (more info here)

For your convenience these are the options:

Pricing: The cost to send Mishloach Manot to 1 person/family is $18; you can also send to the entire community at the cost of $218

Reciprocity: This enables you to send Mishloach Manot to people that are sending to you. If you choose this option we will ensure that every person who gives you, will also receive Mishloach Manot from you, $5 per name

Send to Israeli Soldiers: At a cost of $18 each 

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