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Contact us at the Marina Shul, we eagerly look forward to speaking to you!
The Marina Shul Beit Menachem
2532 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
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Meet the Marina Shul Family

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Rabbi Yossi Naparstek

Rabbi Yossi was born and bred in Kfar Chabad, Israel. He studied in the Chabad Yeshiva in Lod, Israel and then studied in the Central Chabad Lubavitch Rabbinical School in Brooklyn, NY at 770 Eastern Parkway. He has been privileged to lead the Marina Shul community for close to 18 years, along with Rebbetzin Faigie and all the children by his side.

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Rebbetzin Faigie Naparstek

Rebbetzin Faigie grew up in the heart of Chabad-Lubavitch, Crown Heights in Brooklyn, NY. She studied in the Beth Rivkah Department of Higher Learning, as well as in Beit Rivka Teachers Seminary in Kfar Chabad, Israel. Along with Rabbi Yossi, she proudly raised 8 children and leads the Marina Shul

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Naparstek Kids & Grandkids

The Naparstek children are not always around, but each one is part and parcel of the Marina Shul family and feels lucky to have grown up in such a special community. 

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