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Dear Friend,

Here is a nice thought to ponder...

Passover is all about the children... The Seder is answering the child's question. The rituals are there to keep the children engaged...

Sometimes these are children asking and many times they are adults who are searching. 

The children in the Haggadah are you and me. 

The one "who doesn't know how to ask" is begging to get involved. He is confused. He isn't sure where he fits into Judaism.

He is searching.

And you are there to answer his question.

To be honest, the wise son is not looking for the answer to the 4 questions. He studied that in Hebrew school.

Do you know what he is looking for?

He is not looking for the answer, but rather HOW you answer the questions. It’s not about what we say, it’s about how we say it.

You are there not just to answer the question, you answer the questioner.

You don’t just say the words you give encouragement, meaning and hope to those that are searching.

The "children" - our community - turn to us to infuse our tradition and heritage with joy and meaning. 

I am turning to you. Your donation of $180 or any amount will successfully convey the excitement and joy of being a Jew.

Together we can answer the four questions.

Passover celebrates the birth of the Jewish people.

Together we can make sure that the next generation is proud to be part of such a rich history.

Your partnership will help continue to create the joys of Jewish life. It will also continue to provide the Marina Shul programming - attractive classes and events for all Jews.

We thank you in advance for your partnership.

Wishing you a Happy Passover,

Rabbi Yossi and Faigie Naparstek

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